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What if you have to transfer DTS to SQL-Server 2005 running on a 64-bit machine?

Well its a good question :).

Most of us would simply say rewrite the DTS. Well thats too simple, isn’t it???

I have another simpler suggestion re-write the DTS using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) on a 32-bit computer and compile it for 64-bit execution.

The following link can help you install SSIS and information to use the Package Migration Wizard to leaving the original DTS packages intact can be found here.

Happy Migrating!


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At times it is required that we reset the seed of an identity column of our tables. One way to archive this is that you simply copy all the values into a new temporary table and have a new identity filed. Hmm… that’s not a good work around.

Well the best thing that you can do is use this statement if you want to reset or reseed DBCC CHECKIDENT
        [ , { NORESEED | { RESEED [ , new_reseed_value ] } } ]

The DBCC commands are a really good way of tuning and managing your databases.

I will be posting an article on code project regarding the usage of this command soon and updating the URL here.

Till the I am just giving out a small example of how to use this command over here.

I have a temporary table #Results in a stored procedure.

There is a select query that inserts values into this table which of-course has an identity column.

Now according to certain criteria I have deleted some rows from this table.

But I need a countinous count of the identity column to be running so I simply place this statement


Simple as that!


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Microsoft has finally planned to go for a Secure Software Programmers Certification. Just considering the growth in Internet crime, the best solution is to create a secure application from programmers that know their stuff.

The SANS Institute will be introducing these exams really soon, so you techies out there get prepared to be the first GSSP’s (GIAC Secure Software Programmers). According to the director of vendor and media programs Mr. Steven Croft at SANS, “This is the first large scale attempt to validate if the inside the organization know what they are doing”.

Its a know fact that software’s today are running with not hundreds but thousands of vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited, specially the web applications possessing sensitive information.

So its time that we programmers behave as Secure Programmers :).


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