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The biggest for IT Professionals of Pakistan is here.

This is a chance to meet the IT Gurus of Pakistan a great oppertunity to learn what Microosft is bringing in the near future and a great place to network with fellow professionals.

You have the chance to listen to the best speakers not only from Pakistan but from the entire Middle East Region. This time its going to be special with sessions on; Vista, Office 2007, Visual Studio 2005, Biztalk 2006, SQL Server 2005 and other great stuff like ASP .NET AJAX.

So hurry up and get registered.

PDC 2007


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Well Microsoft has come up with really handy versions of SQl-Server. The choice of using one over the other is quite a wise decision that one should make. Here I would specify some features of SQL-Server CE and SQL-Server EE which should be considered while you make your choice between the two.

I would like to mention here that both these editions are free to download and deploy :).

SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition SQL Server Express Edition
Reasons to use SQL Server Compact Edition:
  • When you want essential relational database functionality in a compact footprint
  • Ideal for mobile and desktop applications, including occasionally-connected
  • Embeddable in applications
  • Free to download, develop, deploy, and redistribute
  • Ideal for small server deployments as well as desktop applications with more rich requirements such as full text search and powerful XML query processing.
  • When you want a seamless upgrade to SQL Workgroup, Standard, and Enterprise editions
  • Free to download, develop, deploy, and redistribute
  • Reasons not to use
  • When you want to run as a service
  • When you need a multi-user database server
  • When you need the full functionality of SQL Server
  • When the footprint and memory requirements need to be compact
  • When you want to run in process
  • When you want to target devices
  • You can get the complete document here.


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