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Its time I share a grave reality with you folks. Yes; what I don’t know much about Microsoft SharePoint Portal. I was hardly able to get a clean install ever… well i tried only once 🙂 . I don’t know about the architecture behind SharePoint. No idea as how could I customize it for all the great features that it provides. That’s one of the reasons that I still haven’t been comfortable; going live with my new community website as being a Culminis Alliance Members community leader.

Still one day a colleague of mine a SharePoint wizard asked me why don’t we start using ASP. NET AJAX on the development server of SharePoint that we have. Well he was pretty sure that I being an ASP .NET AJAX expert would be able to pull of with the installation and the getting the first website/web page of “Hello to the world of ASP .NET AJAX in SharePoint!” done. Rest what happened is a secret for all!!!

But today I was just going through my mails and received an invitation from Box Mixon an MVP in SharePoint 2006 and 2007. Okay it took me a while in going through his huge profile and I jumped into reading his Blog and there I found out about the SharePoint AJAX toolkit, which itself pointed to a Blog by Daniel Larson. Just a copy paste here.

 [Taken directly from an e-mail I received from Daniel:
“The SharePoint Ajax toolkit @ Codeplex which includes an auto-updating RSS web part (the Xml Web Part, which can be used on any XML source with any XSLT transform) and a core client side framework built on Atlas. The RSS (Xml) Web Part also works against SharePoint secured feeds.  It’s a shared source project, so if you’d like to contribute let me know. 

So here we go its not far; in the near future I would be developing a website in SharePoint using ASP .NET AJAX.  You too can get the Toolkit directly from here.

I recommend going through the blogs of Bob Mixon and Daniel Larson.

Note please officially ASP .NET AJAX is not supported on MOSS or WSS; so do go through the recommendations provided by Daniel.

Happy SharePoint AJAXing!!!



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It is now a fully supported version and is free for download and use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0.

This release version fixes a lot of performance issues as well as some of the earlier bugs that were still out in the RC1 version.

Also, the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit provides 30+ Ajax Enabled Controls which can be used freely in your ASP.NET AJAX Enabled Websites. All of these controls have been built on top of the Control Extender Pattern of Microsoft AJAX Library.get2-toolkit.gif

ASP .NET AJAX official site is the one stop shop for a great deal of information, downloads, videos regarding ASP.NET AJAX and it contains a wealth of information if you want to learn about ASP.NET AJAX.

The ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 can be downloaded from here.go-download.gif

Also, Scott has got a very good post covering the details and a few quick fixes at his blog scottgu.

All these that you need to currently download separately will be an integrated part of Visual Studio vNext code named “Orcas”.

Enter the new era of online programming and that’s AJAXING!!!

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Yep this is one of the most simplest functionality that any developer in .Net framework would be looking for.

But why am I blogging about this then??? Okay most of you might have the answer to this one already and there are multiple ways to getting the following functionality in a web page. So the only reason that I am mentioning this issue here is that its simple as ABC, still some people don’t get it right.

In the good old days of ASP you just set the alt attribute of the <img>tag. And the image would show the text as a tooltip when you bring the mouse over it.

Now in ASP. NET while using the ASP .NET Server Controls you just set the Alternate Text attribute of the <asp:image> tag. See its simple as that.

Still if you go on and you are using a grid or a repeater for displaying the image its fine till you get to display the cells dynamically. For the dynamic controls I usually prefer using the HTML-Controls like most of the developers [System.We.UI.HTMLControls.HTMLImage], here you just need to set the alt attribute again.

Or you could use the Web Controls Image control [System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image], again just set the tool-tip by setting the ToolTip property for this control.

Happy Tool Tipping your images. ;P .

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Well long since I had not worked on my own personalized system, either it’s in my office or house or my laptop all are configured to the same settings I am comfortable with. 🙂

But my worst experience today was when I went to pay my friend a visit at his office and got stalled there for about 5 hours. The only way I could utilize my time was on-line. It sucks when the machine your using doesn’t allow you to install any chatting software because you don’t have admin rights ;P .

But thanks to meebo I got my life back! The wonders that
Ajax technologies did for me was no less than a miracle.  I love meebo and I love

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A great opportunity for Micro-softies coming up.

Aah I’d love to be tossing those tricky questions straight to the Gurus ;). Now that’s an entry my calendar cannot miss; wheres that .ics file?

All fellow coders I recommend that you shouldnt miss the continuation of the first MVP Live Chat! 

I am copy pasting the message below


Sent From: RyanOlshan
Subject: Don’t miss the continuation of the 1st MVP Live Chat!

Join the Strong Coders Community, Scott Guthrie, General Manager, Microsoft Developer Division, and Microsoft MVPs for the continuation of the 1st MVP Live Chat on Friday, February 16, 2007 from 8:00pm-9:00pm EST. Get your tough questions answered by experts. No question is too hard.

The chat will take place on MSDN Chats. See details below. Also, don’t forget to add the date to your calendar. See you there.


ICS: http://msdn.microsoft.com/chats/outlook_reminders/07_0216_MSDN_ASPNET.ics


Chit Chitty Chat Chatting!

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