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I had the opportunity to attend one of the major events in the ICT Industry of Bahrain. A great line of speakers presented quite a wide range of topics. As the last session goes along and I type this post; it amazes me how technology keeps transforming our everyday lives.

Without a reality check on the critical infrastructure of nations and the issues associated with each change; I would say the Gulf Countries are trying to stay ahead of the curve if not on the cutting edge of innovation.

Its great to see the Telco’s (Batelco & VIVA) coming out and playing their roles in supprot of the industry along with do develop #FinTech solution in partnership with the local players.

Quite a lot of presentations from Huawei shows their interest in the region and the country Bahrain in particular.

While a big round of applause for H.E. Eng. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohamed the Transport and Telecommunication Minister on making such an effort for the industry.

The Accelerator C5 pulled out a great panel discussion on the first day with a couple of successful implementations of the services provided by Amazon; IPIFI , Mannai Tech , Gulf CX and Tamkeen was around to support the industry as always.

Hope to see more changes to the smart Grid in Bahrain as mentioned by Mr. Hani Al Najjar along with the swift roll-out of 5G leading to true smart cities.

Great overall event,
#MeetICTBahrain #Bitex #Bahrain #Security #CyberSecurity


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Server: Msg 8180, Level 16

Server: Msg 102, Level 15

Server: Msg 1018, Level 15, State 1, Procedure SendReview, Line 12

Incorrect syntax near ‘FASTFIRSTROW’. If this is intended as a part of a table hint, A WITH keyword and parenthesis are now required. See SQL Server Books Online for proper syntax.

Remote tables are not updatable. Updatable keyset-driven cursors on remote tables require a transaction with the REPEATABLE_READ or SERIALIZABLE isolation level spanning the cursor.


We were getting this error from the SQL server job that was running a store procedure inside which we were calling a table that was on a linked server running SQL Server 2005, while the major database was running on SQL Server 2000. We had the linked server setup and it was running fine. We could run queries to this table on the 2005 server without any difficulties.

One thing that I came to find out was the changes in the cursor. Please find details from the following link http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143359.aspx.



            1: Either you can have a temp table created out side the cursor to get all the values from across the linked server and then create the cursor over this table.

2: Secondly you can replace the Cursor with a simple loop.

3: Thirdly if possible and you can simply create the Cursor as “FOR Read Only”.


Hope this helps you people to migrate your databases happilyJ.

Well I found the solution from this URL:

Thought I should share it with everyone.

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