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Folks now that’s what i call IT at work. There is a workshop for the Google AdWords Workshop. You can be able to get a feel of the Googles PPC (Pay Per Click) policy and methods from people in Pakistan certified by Google.

Now why did I not mention about this last week. Well sometimes do to the work load going on in office I am unable to check my private emails for weeks and this last week was pretty busy. Well at the start of the weekend I managed to scan through my Inbox and found this email regarding a workshop being conducted by Syed Najam Ahmad (profile). Well it was detected as spam by my system 🙂 . Ooops did i just mention that it ended up in my  spam folder never should have mentioned that :-X . Sorry!!!

Still I managed to get to the associated URL and was pleased with the new things comming up. I am giving out some details below. Hope to see lots of professionals brushing up their skills by attending this workshop. 

Well I also came to know that the ECM group had been into this Internet Marketing bussiness since 2003 now. Great work folks for recognizing the potential of this new trend of Internet marketing taking all over the World.

(Its just a copy paste below you can go through the same text on the main wesite here.)

Do you want to advertise your business on Google?
Do you want to become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional?
Do you want to make more money with Google?
1-Day Google AdWords Workshop
Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  by Syed Najam Ahmed, the first Qualified Google Advertising Professional from Pakistan

In this workshop, you’ll Learn how to:

  • How to get Google Certification and become a Google Certified Advertising Professional
  • How to Make Money with Google AdWords
  • Get listed on the first page of Google within 30 Minutes or less.
  • Attract a new potential customer for as low as 1 cent.
  • Define your own Target Market
  • Select your Targeted Countries
  • Your ads show up on Google almost instantly.
      Write your ads.
      Select your keywords.
      Set your budget.
      Start seeing results.  
  • Your ads appear in AOL, Netscape Netcenter, EarthLink, CompuServe, Shopping.com, AT&T Worldnet, Ask.com, About, Lycos, NYTimes.com, InfoSpace, HowStuffworks, Business.com, Food Network, HGTV, Froogle, GMail and thousands of other important web sites and portals along with Google Search Network.
  • You’ll be provided with a CD containing all about Google AdWords in 100 Pages .PDF document
  • After attending this workshop; when you’ll launch your own Google AdWords campaign, 3-Month Email Support will be provided to all the participants without any cost.

You reach your audience at the right time, with the right message…

Only with Google AdWords

Find buyers searching for what you sell
Google AdWords ads connect you with new customers at the precise moment when they’re looking for your products or services. The Google Network reaches more than 80% of Internet users.

With Google AdWords you create your own ads, choose keywords to help us match your ads to your audience and pay only when someone clicks on them.

Hurry up if you would like to attend because its on 4 Feb only 2 days away…

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