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Today I am presenting on the topic “Office Business Applications The Web Tier (SharePoint Portal Server)” in SSI (Strategic Systems International).
Well the topic I had been assigned was Office Business Applications, but due to some change in plan SharePoint came along. So I decided to give a hybrid presentation on “How to develop Office Business Applications using SharePoint Portal”, well apparently the presentation has crossed all boundaries and I am unable to cut its length I hope that my audiences doesn’t get bored, slide after slide.
May Allah Almighty help me in this extremely lengthyyy presentation.

Would be posting the presentation for all shortly.


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According to the CEO of Microsoft Mr. Steve Ballmer, the launch of the Windows Vista, Exchange Server 2007 and Microsofts Office System are going to be the biggest ever worldwide release of any product line.

So people all around the globe would be introduced with these new state of the art products all at the same time. Putting these marvels into place took a lot of effort from the people at Microsoft hence they are more than enthused to get the feed back from their users.

Well the launch events are already taking place in a number of places around the world and February 2007 is the lucky month for my fellow countrymen. Yes folks the Biggest Launch Event is finally in town 🙂 . [The 2007 Microsoft Launch Event. The World is Ready. Microsoft is Ready. Join Us at the biggest Microsoft launch event ever.] Hurry up and get yourself registered here.

You’ll witness the launch of Windows Vista™, the 2007 Microsoft® Office system and Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007.

I would be blogging the new features provided by the new Exchange Server with rights management for Office and the flagship “enterprise” editions of both Vista and Office 07 more often now.

The launch would be including the follwoing sessions:

  • Ready For A New Day with the 2007 Microsoft Office System, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
  • Office & Vista Better Together
  • Building Differentiated User Experiences with Windows
  • Building Connected Applications with Windows
  • Connecting & Extending Office 2007 Client Applications
  • Building Key Business Applications on the Office 2007 Server Platform
  • Amplify the Impact of Your People
  • Protect & Manage Your Content
  • Find & Improve Business Insight
  • Simplify How People Work Together
  • Reduce IT Costs & Improve Security – Taking Control with Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Exchange 2007
  • Demo: Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property
  • Demo: Infrastructure Protection
  • Demo: Optimizing Windows Vista & Office Deployments – Part 1
  • Demo: Optimizing Windows Vista & Office Deployments – Part 2
  • Demo: Windows Vista Operational Efficiency
  • Demo: Exchange Server 2007 Deployment
  • Demo: The Power of Unified Communications

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A great opportunity for Micro-softies coming up.

Aah I’d love to be tossing those tricky questions straight to the Gurus ;). Now that’s an entry my calendar cannot miss; wheres that .ics file?

All fellow coders I recommend that you shouldnt miss the continuation of the first MVP Live Chat! 

I am copy pasting the message below


Sent From: RyanOlshan
Subject: Don’t miss the continuation of the 1st MVP Live Chat!

Join the Strong Coders Community, Scott Guthrie, General Manager, Microsoft Developer Division, and Microsoft MVPs for the continuation of the 1st MVP Live Chat on Friday, February 16, 2007 from 8:00pm-9:00pm EST. Get your tough questions answered by experts. No question is too hard.

The chat will take place on MSDN Chats. See details below. Also, don’t forget to add the date to your calendar. See you there.


ICS: http://msdn.microsoft.com/chats/outlook_reminders/07_0216_MSDN_ASPNET.ics


Chit Chitty Chat Chatting!

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Simply Great! A .Net 3.0 crash course in the form of a blog.

This is just another fantastic way to keep others informed, nice evangalism.

Click here to check it out.

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