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Today I am presenting on the topic “Office Business Applications The Web Tier (SharePoint Portal Server)” in SSI (Strategic Systems International).
Well the topic I had been assigned was Office Business Applications, but due to some change in plan SharePoint came along. So I decided to give a hybrid presentation on “How to develop Office Business Applications using SharePoint Portal”, well apparently the presentation has crossed all boundaries and I am unable to cut its length I hope that my audiences doesn’t get bored, slide after slide.
May Allah Almighty help me in this extremely lengthyyy presentation.

Would be posting the presentation for all shortly.


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Its time I share a grave reality with you folks. Yes; what I don’t know much about Microsoft SharePoint Portal. I was hardly able to get a clean install ever… well i tried only once 🙂 . I don’t know about the architecture behind SharePoint. No idea as how could I customize it for all the great features that it provides. That’s one of the reasons that I still haven’t been comfortable; going live with my new community website as being a Culminis Alliance Members community leader.

Still one day a colleague of mine a SharePoint wizard asked me why don’t we start using ASP. NET AJAX on the development server of SharePoint that we have. Well he was pretty sure that I being an ASP .NET AJAX expert would be able to pull of with the installation and the getting the first website/web page of “Hello to the world of ASP .NET AJAX in SharePoint!” done. Rest what happened is a secret for all!!!

But today I was just going through my mails and received an invitation from Box Mixon an MVP in SharePoint 2006 and 2007. Okay it took me a while in going through his huge profile and I jumped into reading his Blog and there I found out about the SharePoint AJAX toolkit, which itself pointed to a Blog by Daniel Larson. Just a copy paste here.

 [Taken directly from an e-mail I received from Daniel:
“The SharePoint Ajax toolkit @ Codeplex which includes an auto-updating RSS web part (the Xml Web Part, which can be used on any XML source with any XSLT transform) and a core client side framework built on Atlas. The RSS (Xml) Web Part also works against SharePoint secured feeds.  It’s a shared source project, so if you’d like to contribute let me know. 

So here we go its not far; in the near future I would be developing a website in SharePoint using ASP .NET AJAX.  You too can get the Toolkit directly from here.

I recommend going through the blogs of Bob Mixon and Daniel Larson.

Note please officially ASP .NET AJAX is not supported on MOSS or WSS; so do go through the recommendations provided by Daniel.

Happy SharePoint AJAXing!!!


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