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I am really happy today and would like to share my happiness.

Yes; I have been awarded MVP award by Microsoft for Visual Web Development in ASP/ASP.NET 2008 :). You can access my profile here.

Programming is not only my career, but my PASSION.

 So let’s keep programming. & (Help us help ourselves)
F1 Us F1 Ourselves

You can logon to my Dot Net Group here; membership is free for all. We at DotNetOlympians share lots of information regarding programming and provide help online as well as offline in the form of monthly user group meetings.

Here today I would take this opportunity to thank my wife for being so patient; at times when I spend whole weekends in front of my computer going through tons of emails answering peoples questions and learning new tips and tricks.
Thank you very much!
Yes I would thank my brothers a lot for all their support too; thanks Imran Bhai you have always been there for me. And Rizwan my younger brother not omitting the fact that he is against the concept of me becoming a computer nerd at times.

And my Journey Through No-Where continues.
There is lot that still needs to be done.
So till I live, I pray to Almighty that He keeps me steadfast on the right path.

* F1 -> Help



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