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Well I had the chance to present on Microsoft Innovation Days here in Lahore, Pakistan.
It was a great experience, something out of this world. I have been presenting on cutting edge technologies for quite sometime now, but this was huge for me. I was presenting to an audience consisting of CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s and top level managers of leading organizations in Pakistan.
Well I guess all went as planed (thanks to Almighty) and I was able to introduce this new revolutionary web technology (Microsoft Silverlight) to the masses. I am sharing this presentation with the rest of you here.
I have been following the path Web Applications have taken for the past decade, and I am sure Microsoft Silverlight is going to revolutionize them even further.

[rockyou id= 96662232]


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I had a great presentation at Strategic Systems International SSI. I loved the audience great interaction and I really appreciate the management of SSI for arranging such a great event. 

You can download the presenation from the following URL shortly.

A slideshow of the presentation:

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Today I am presenting on the topic “Office Business Applications The Web Tier (SharePoint Portal Server)” in SSI (Strategic Systems International).
Well the topic I had been assigned was Office Business Applications, but due to some change in plan SharePoint came along. So I decided to give a hybrid presentation on “How to develop Office Business Applications using SharePoint Portal”, well apparently the presentation has crossed all boundaries and I am unable to cut its length I hope that my audiences doesn’t get bored, slide after slide.
May Allah Almighty help me in this extremely lengthyyy presentation.

Would be posting the presentation for all shortly.

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